Posting to Northern Ireland

We are really happy to offer postage to Northern Ireland on a regular basis

During the Brexit process there have been a few changes and while posting live plants to Northern Ireland isn't quite as straight forward as the rest of the UK we do all the hard work for you

We have a great relationship with our local Plant Health inspector and have arranged a monthly inspection with them which means we can post each month once we have had that inspection. 

What does the inspection mean?
We put together all the plants which have been ordered to head to Northern Ireland and each plant, and its soil, is inspected thoroughly for any pests and disease. 
Providing the inspector is happy, we are given a P
hytosanitary Certificate for each order. This is a clean bill of health which allows the order to travel though customs without any issues. 

We usually have one inspection and dispatch around the middle of each month so if you are in Northern Ireland and would like to place an order, please drop us a message and we can confirm when our next dispatch date is