Variegated plants

We often get asked about variegated plant care, both for white and pink plants such as these beautiful Philodendron Pink Princess. 

We feel like we give a mini biology lesson here but bare with us and it will explain a lot...

Green leaves produce chlorophyl which absorb light needed to help the plant complete photosynthesis. Leaves which are not green don't absorb light and are unable to photosynthesis, this makes them a little useless to the plant. Often you will find variegated leaves will die off quicker than their green counterparts. 

We LOVE variegation though and want to encourage the best & brightest flashes we can, even if they won't last us forever. 

How can you increase variegation?

Variegation is ultimately genetic however there are a few things you can to do help encourage it.

  • Light - bright light is really helpful for variegated plants as it helps maintain variegation for longer  
  • Selectively pruning plants to encourage new growth from nodes where variegation is showing on the stem 

We would love to see your your variegated plants from us have grown, so if you had a mini Pink Princess which is now a giant or a Monstera Albo with half moon leaves - please send us a few pictures!