Small wide bottle Terrarium with cork - 12.5cm

Small wide bottle Terrarium with cork - 12.5cm

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Small wide bottle terrarium approx 12.5 x 9cm

Choose how you'd like your terrarium: 

  • Empty 
  • DIY Damp Terrarium kit (Small)
    • Tools inc; Soil spoon, brush & patting tool
    • 1 Plant see below (value up to £4)
    • Terrarium soil, dried moss & activated carbon
    • Decorative stones (colours may vary)
    • Decorative Live moss 
    • Planting guide
  • Planted by us - Delicately planted and available for collection or local delivery 

Plants that can be included are: Fittonia & Hypoeste and we will include a mix of two colours in the one pot. All these plants love high humidity & damp soil

Please see final picture for example of planting arrangement